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Tabletop role playing games are sandboxes of drama, comedy, action and adventure. They are open ended worlds where anything is possible.

The players of TTRPGs are just as creative as those who created the systems. They are writers, storytellers, artists, musicians, and craftspeople. Many of them want to make a meaningful contribution to the community, yet many feel unnoticed. We want to change that.

D20NN wants to help share your stories, direct from your gaming tables. You're in essence the reporter. We're the channel others tune to so they can learn more about what's going on.

We're D20NN - Where the Rolls Come First.


D20NN is unique in that we try to blend satire and humor along with genuine news and features concerning this community's favorite hobby.

In cases of our fictional content, we will use character names and locator maps from widely available content generators and link to those pages when applicable. Any other non-original content will be properly cited.

For fact-based stories, as a news organization we pledge to be wholly transparent; if we make an error, we will correct it when presented with evidence contrary to our original commentary; we will also log any corrections to an affected story; full retractions shall be announced on Twitter, accompanied by any applicable explanations. Retracted stories will be removed in full from our website.

When artwork is featured, we will always seek the permission and link to the original artist. We may also seek permission from the commissioning party (if any), with the assumption that they will have previously agreed with the artist whether or not their work may be publicly distributed with attribution. Non-original content such as archive photographs, logos and video will be attributed to the best of our ability, including but not limited to the username and site where content was found, and if possible, the originator of said content.

D20NN is not related in any way to Dungeons & Dragons, which is a wholly-owned brand by Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro. All copyrights connected to the brand are the property of their respective authors. No challenge to ownership or authorship is implied by the inclusion of any names, places, spells, etc., used in the creation of our content. Similarly, any references to any commercially-made role playing system are met with the same disclaimer.

Any commercial ties to an entity featured on D20NN will be explicitly marked.