D20NNstudios is seeking established groups of TTRPG players who would like to join us in creating a fun and entertaining episodic series.

The Untitled Visual Novel Project (final name TBD) will see our team reading visual novel games together in-character, and collaborating on in-game decisions. Along the way are plenty of opportunities to break character and riff on the game in progress!

What we need: A group of 3+ players in an established online game and/or stream with an appreciation for visual novel/role playing games. Group should have their own recording and high-res screen capture/video capture equipment. Diverse groups of participants are highly encouraged.

What you'll provide: You will have complete editorial control over the choice of games featured in the show. D20NNstudios will reserve the right to approve games featured on the show prior to production. You will record and edit the program adhering to mutually agreed-upon content guidelines and supply a copy to D20NNstudios for final approval and uploading to our YouTube page. You will not be asked to adhere to a set production schedule at this time.

What we will provide: 1) D20NNstudios will create a program page on our website, www.d20nn.com. This page will include synopsis, cast bio information including links to any outside projects, and link to our YouTube channel and playlist associated with the program. 2) We will perform the following post-production tasks: a) addition of company-branded intro and title sequence (about :30 seconds) to front of video; b) YouTube-standard end-of-video card displaying other company-produced videos and channels. 3) We will use our social media channels to promote the show, including but not limited to teaser videos of upcoming episodes and retweets from cast members discussing and promoting the show on their own accounts.


This will not initially be a paid gig. D20NNstudios is attempting to grow its viewership with a diverse portfolio of programs that would eventually generate revenue that would be subject to a further profit-sharing agreement.


If this sounds like an exciting opportunity, please fill out the application below. We look forward to a fun and mutually fulfilling partnership! 

Casting Application

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