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About Ads & Sponsored Content

I'd like to take some time to talk about ads you'll see on this website and our social media accounts.

As with any content creator, the personal aim is to become financially secure. I would love to be able to do that with D20NN if all goes well. I'm a long way out from that point though.

This is why you've likely seen ads on the left-and-right sides of this website, as well as an Amazon product link or two. At least when those pages are loaded and you see an ad, the advertiser is putting a penny or two in my proverbial cap.

Starting this weekend, you will also see mentions of Avon products on our social media feed, as well as the "Aftercare" link on our new Cosplay tab.

I wanted to offer some sort of merchandise that has value to our community but that I didn't have to take the responsibility to fulfill. Avon, while not a theatrical makeup company, offers products that I have used in the past as a stage performer, both before and after the show. There is also an insect repellant line that will be invaluable to you during mosquito season! I believe in these products, and if you try them out, you're helping me and D20NN grow.

I pledge to you now that you will not be bombarded by ads on Facebook or Twitter. My intent is to make one post on #CosMonday and one more at another point in the week. The main focus of this site is to report on indie RPG news. These are two non-invasive ways to utilize our internet real estate space to earn a few bucks here and there.