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Check Out 'Random Bacon with Tyler & Chase'

D20NN founder partners with husband to create 'Rifftrax' style video commentaries

This may not be RPG related, but it comes from the dark recesses of the disordered minds of two people who play RPGs.

If you're familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000 and its next-gen counterpart Rifftrax, then you know where Chase and his husband Tyler are going with "Random Bacon."

RB will take found footage posted on YouTube and interject their own (arguable) humor into the situations.

The premiere episode launched on Friday. The training film "Every Inch a Lady" was meant for Sears store "fashionists" to choose, dress, and accessorize mannequins before putting them out in the sales floor or in window displays.

However, this material hasn't aged well in an era of #MeToo and general disdain towards sexism. And it is not helped by a narrator that we suspect has a treacherous past.

"Remember, [the mannequin] is a lady, and should be treated gently," he intones, seconds before the film fades to a close-up of the lady's head wrapped up in Saran Wrap.

"What a help you'll be to your wife!" he exclaims, as we see disembodied legs being upended and hosiery rolled down.

So, this is a taste of what to expect with "Random Bacon." There is no set release schedule for these, but like, comment and subscribe at RB's YouTube channel to be alerted when a new one drops onto the griddle.

Copyright 2020 D20NN. All rights reserved.

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