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Fight Con Crash Like the Flu

You're just back from an amazing convention. You met your idols, your role models, and made a ton of friends.

You also feel like absolute s***.

That's Con Crash, as we like to call it. It's the combination of jet lag (or car cramps), the drainage of all your energy, and the other physical and neurological ailments that follow a weekend of geekery and revelry.

It stands to reason how easy one can get sick, or develop Con Crud, shortly after returning from a convention. The longer the event, the longer you run on fumes and the longer your body's defenses are lowered - and the easier it is to catch the flu, a cold, or even fungal infections (that's why you don't go down the halls barefoot!)

So, doctors we spoke with said the best way to fight con crash is to treat it as if you've already come down with the flu.

Start taking Vitamin C supplements as soon as you get home, or even better they suggest, at the airport or before you leave town. And stay hydrated - water and Gatorade, soup and tea - no sugary sodas.

If you can, take 24 to 48 hours to rest comfortably at home to let your body rest and recharge. This doesn't mesh well with everyone's job schedules, of course, so if you must return to work, doctors recommend keeping person-to-person contact at a minimum and to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

Above all - take it easy on yourself. We sometimes don't realize how tired we make ourselves over the course of a convention, despite all the fun we've had.

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