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First-Time DM's Catacombs Clearly Inspired by 'Double Dare' Obstacle Course


First-time Dungeon Master Jacob Wintershaw put his party through the Wringer at last week's one-shot at his home in North Adams, Massachusetts.

In fact, his party members reported they had The Wringer, Down the Hatch, and the Sundae Slide in what was clearly inspired by the obstacle course from Nickelodeon's Double Dare.

"We were all a little caught for a loop when Jacob told us our team had 60 seconds (10 rounds) to make it through the catacombs, which were divided into eight rooms," said Alicia Cavanaugh, 15. "We could only access the next room when somebody managed to find and touch an orange, triangular pennant."

"It was pretty obvious it was the Obstacle Course from the beginning," added 14-year-old Mathew Mayhew. "My Tabaxi had to start us off by walking up the wall of a big circular drum to bring down the first flag. The way Jake described it sounded exactly like Double Dare's One-Ton Human Hamster Wheel.

Alicia said the team enjoyed Jacob's adaptation of the game show once they realized that's what it was.

"There's nothing wrong with using what you know from pop culture to make your story run," Alicia said. "It was an awesome surprise and he did a great job with it."

Midway through the run, Mathew's rogue got lost in a 250-gallon tank filled with baked beans. "That flag was hidden pretty deep in all the tomato sauce," he said, "and it ate up a lot of time."

Luckily, he eventually found the flag and passed it to the party's bard, played by 18-year-old Nathan Wallin. They were able to quickly scale a slime-slicked mountain-like edifice to grab the final flag with mere seconds left to spare.

The party, having won their freedom, was also presented with a prize package totaling $1750 GP each and a weeklong visit to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL.

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