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Go Easy on the Pepsi: 'Kobold Alone' is an Instant Classic RPG

Let's face facts: Kevin McCallister was always a spritely lad; this just confirms it.

Christmas may be over, but if you don't object to watching Home Alone throughout the year, then you should have no trouble playing this 5e adaptation of the movie!

DMDave is offering a free PDF adventure in which Kevin... eh, Kobold McCallister... has to defend the family home from a bunch of nosy adventurers. 3-5 players can participate in turning the home into a labyrinth of Micro Machines and paint buckets - or if you please, you can see if you're smart enough to stay away from the poker-hot doorknobs and blowtorches! But you probably aren't.

The McCallister home from the movie has been faithfully mapped out, with many places where adventurers could plunder the kobolds' treasure - or be knocked prone if they're not careful.

Send your real family off to Paris and get your RPG family together for a new Christmas classic.

...ya filthy animals.

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