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Hasbro Goes Chaotic Evil With 'Monopoly: Longest Game Ever'


"And you thought the original took forever!"

Notoriously known for the length of time it could take to finish a standard game of Monopoly, Hasbro is now thumbing its nose at family gamers by introducing a version meant to take substantially longer.

To make things extra time-consuming, "Longest Game Ever" uses only one die - meaning you can't roll doubles three times to get out of jail (but you can't roll doubles to get out, either).

There is also a secondary game path within the classic one. There are no new property names; it is literally a copy of the outer board. There are also no auctions - players must have the money available to purchase a property at all times.

To help with that, Free Parking now always awards cash (that used to just be a house rule option). And if the bank runs out of reserves, which sometimes happened in the standard game, "Longest Game Ever's" bank includes perforated bills, which can be split in half and distributed and used like regular cash.

And the goal is sheer agony: the winner is the one person who winds up owning all 66 properties on the game board - a total Monopoly.

To counteract the pain this type of version my cause body and soul, Hasbro has also released "Monopoly Speed," which the publisher says can be won in under 10 minutes.

Both games are available now at Amazon. Longest Game Ever | Speed

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