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Make a Quick, Real-World Fallout Map in 3 Easy Steps

With or without Photoshop - we have an alternative web-based program to share!

If you or your friends are running a Fallout based RPG game, you're eventually going to need a map in the darkened, greenish hues in the style of the game's displays.

It's surprisingly easy to accomplish - it's basic color balance inversion - and the beauty is, we discovered a web alternative that has most of Photoshop's basic tools.

You probably have your own that you may use, but for the purposes of this we're using Photopea. We made the above in Photoshop and were able to recreate the exact same end product with the same instructions in the web alternative. We'll reference Photoshop throughout for the sake of clarity.

1) Use your Snip Tool (Windows) or Screenshot (Mac) to select a portion of a map. For the purposes of this game, we took a snip of the map for Arab, AL, an area that is about as desolate and treacherous as the Wasteland in real life (just our opinion).

2) After pasting the image into Photoshop, go to Image > Enhancements > Invert. The map will turn green spaces purple, streets black and highways blue. Bodies of water turn orange.

3) Now go to Image > Enhancements > Color Balance. Move the center slider pretty far to the right to get the map to that lovely sickly green.

Save and you're done. Of course, if you have time before your session, you could tweak the map to bring it even closer to the Fallout style. In our case, we changed the name of a certain big-

box store to "Wally World. That just took some brush tool work on the original map and writing the new name in a blue-hued Helvetica with a small-edged stroke effect.

We then loaded our map into Roll20 to add our story's essential locations and the ever-important grid.

As we mentioned, Photopea is nearly identical to Photoshop in terms of basic functionality. You won't get some of Adobe's proprietary features, of course, but when you need to build a map in a hurry Photopea won't steer you wrong.

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