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Nation of Flurrp Cries Foul at Becoming New Home of Prestidigitated Dirty Diapers

It's a situation that the Flurropean president says stinks.

FLURRP (D20NN) - The citizens of an already dumpy looking nation are saying the multiverse's newest change will be the ruination of them.

Flurruopeans are in a tizzy about the fact that their country is now the destination for millions of incoming dirty diapers that are being prestidigitated away from all corners of Everyplane.

Since the dawning of the age of disposable nappies, soiled articles have simply been magicked away. But few realized that those unspeakable unmentionables have to go somewhere; and until the end of last year, that 'somewhere' was split between the underworld region of Eberron and the New York Harbor.

But, following the collapse of the massive underground pit in Eberron due to the release of built-up methane gas and the disruption of more than a few episodes of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," it was decided by a council of Multiverse elders to change the landing spot for the dirty diapers.

Flurrp was chosen because, to quote the elders, "it already smells like a dump and looks twice as nasty."

President Yzshadrin Polnetsky, offended by the notion, made a statement in which he proclaimed "scientific evidence proves our great nation of Flurrp is only 14th on the list of Nastiest Places in the Multiverse." When probed about the country's smell, the president held a handkerchief up to his nose and refused more questions.

The daily diaper rainfall over Flurrp occurs at 12:42pm. The country is currently devising a better solution for storing the diapers. In the meantime, their stopgap solution is bulldozing the offensive refuse under the country's landmark Pyramid of Dirty Clothes.

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