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On Deck: Cards for Nor Cal's 'Carbyne Jungle' and 5e OGL

Nor Cal Mythos / Kickstarter

Nor Cal Mythos is edging nearer to their $3,000 goal for prebuilt game decks that work with the publisher's own "Carbyne Jungle" RPG. They are also easily adapted to the 5e System under an Open Gaming License.

NCM's Mission Decks, as the publisher describes, let "players adventure through the dungeon or base, facing horrific challenges, dealing with NPCs, and discovering the mysteries of the game. Each game is designed to last for one session, but also can be played repeatedly, delving deeper into the story, learning new secrets, or just playing for fun where the whole table can level and grow together."

The decks are handy for GMs with little or no time to prep for an impromptu session, and they allow more immersive play if the GM and players decide they want to. They include encounter cards with various Big Bads, and also NPC cards that can add a further twist to the game.

The Kickstarter promises PDF, print and app-based features that can allow for multi-session stories.

Backers who haven't heard of or played Carbyne Jungle can get its sourcebook at a discounted rate during the survey portion of the Kickstarter.

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