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Shapes, Font Changes Bless Character Sheets for Dyslexics

We can all agree that Comic Sans hasn't been funny for a long time. But did you know it serves a pretty cool purpose?

People with dyslexia have a hard time clearly reading everyday typefaces. Many see letters transposed to the point of being illegible, and some even describe letters or whole words moving across the page or screen.

Comic Sans is among a group of fonts that dyslexics can read easier than your Arial or Times New Roman. The differing angles and sloping in each character helps minimize the "motion" described.

These D&D character sheets created by inuyasharuls and axelle were made to help dyslexic members of their parties, and can be customized to utilize a preferred font such as OpenDyslexic to achieve personal results.

Click here to download the character sheets

The standard boxes for HP, saves and stats are replaced with iconography to locate these features quickly. Colors also help you match your modifiers with your skill list and saving throws.

Kudos to inuyasharuls (yes she does) and axelle (sharp as a tack) for this helpful spin on an RPG necessity!

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