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Tap That App, Character Creation's a Snap!

"Portrait Workshop" app allows instant portraits and player character avatars

Heads are spinning for the leaders of Worldspinner. Their Kickstarter campaign for "Portrait Workshop," an app that allows you to quickly create and customize a character's avatar, is nearing its goal with 25 days remaining on the clock.

The app has been about two years in the making, developers tell us.

The advantages to owning the app come thick and fast. Many's the time a player has joined a one-shot or a spur-of-the-moment game - only for there to just be a gray, generic icon in the place where an avatar should be. Maybe there's a long term player who hasn't yet gotten art of their character commissioned because they just haven't worked out their vision of how they should appear. And how many NPCs have gone mentioned but unseen? Millions, surely.

There's also dozens of variations to archetypes, hair and skin color, facial structure, body shape, clothing, weaponry and other attributes to make up armies of characters for any situation. Characters can be gender specific, fluid or nonbinary/nonconforming.

Worldspinner tells us they hope users find the app helpful in sparking ideas for characters in case they can't immediately afford a proper commission - and stress that they don't intend for the app to replace the work of indie artists.

"If you do want to invest more in great truly personal commission, and want a custom pose or elements, then Portrait Workshop is a great starting point," they said. "Get as close as you can in the app, and then you can give your artists a starting point to refer to. Odds are it’ll make their life a lot easier, and your end result will be closer to what you want.

Pledges start at $10 for a basic version of the app. Larger pledges offer higher-resolution images for download and even multiple copies of the app to distribute to your party members.

At a premium $250 "Publisher" level, backers are granted the right to use the characters they create in for-profit endeavors such as books. (Lower level backers can also reach out to Worldspinner on a case-by-case basis if they wish to use their characters for commercial purposes).

Backers will be privy to beta releases and provide feedback before the full rollout of "Portrait Workshop" to the general public.

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