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We're In the Money: Hand Out Real Coin to the Party

The RPG Treasure series of coins are here to let you pay your bills (in game only).

Campaign Coins / Kickstarter

This ain't no Monopoly money - but you'll have much more fun playing with it.

Campaign Coins, which has been around since 2007, is in the middle of an already fully-funded Kickstarter for a series of "RPG Treasure" coin sets.

Sets range from a "Tavern Change" collection of copper and silver pieces to a "Rare Treasure" set with platinum and the ever-coveted Electrum. Backers will be able to choose which sets they want at the end of the campaign so the more you order the more variety you can have.

"All of our coins are real metal, with designs by Australian artist Lee Smith. We make our coins to the finest possible prop quality, with beautiful detailing and polishing," CC says on their project page.

Backers can add special items to their orders, including a "Concentration token" and a Deven Rue-designed compass emblem.

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