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Who Needs a 20 ft. Dungeon Map? Everyone.

It's "to infinity and beyond" with upcoming Kickstarter

Yarro Studios

Yarro Studios is betting that you'll have both the need and desire to fully utilize a 20-foot long dungeon map.

The Infinidungeon, as the proposed product is called, is an expandable/contractable scroll with a series of interchangeable maps that intersect. You can place your party in an outdoor maze that leads directly into a labyrinthian dungeon crawl, for instance. Or, your crew can navigate a trail of rough terrain alongside a raging river.

Five different scrolls are planned with the initial production line, so one could theoretically have 100 square feet of maps to play with. The scrolls are laminated so as to allow dry-erase marking, and can also utilize clingfilm stickers (which Yarro sells) and accommodate 28mm minifigures.

The Kickstarter has not yet launched, but Yarro is accepting signups to be notified when it does.

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